Media Analysis of Heidi Montag’s Plastic Surgeries

I was sitting in the UO Bookstore a few days ago waiting to meet up with a friend when I saw a copy of People magazine sitting on the rack in front of me. On the cover was a picture of someone who I could only assume was Heidi Montag, one of the stars of MTV‘s “reality” series The Hills, but it was hard to tell. She actually resembled The Girls Next Door‘s former star Holly Madison, a recent development that is accounted for by the article’s coverage of her recent plastic surgery binge. The binge included 10 procedures in one day.

Heidi Montag Before & After - Image Courtesy of People Magazine

Seriously, Heidi? Really? I (admittedly an avid watcher of The Hills – yes, it is embarrassing, but I love it) always considered her a pretty girl. I don’t know why she would do that to herself. Reading the article and looking at the photos, I learned that Heidi had been keeping her surgeries from her family but had actually allowed People‘s photographers and reporters into the hospital with her. I was already pretty ashamed of myself for actually reading the article, but I was even more appalled by this. Montag was actually willing to give the whole world a first class ticket into her personal life before even telling her parents what she was doing. The surgeries, however much Montag may have believed she needed them, were obviously in great part a publicity stunt.

I also worry about the message that the attention, both positive and negative, that Montag is receiving for her surgeries may be sending to her younger female fans. I hope that these girls don’t see what she’s doing and think it’s cool, because that would truly be a tragedy.

But really, you have to give the girl some credit. As depressing as her antics may be, she sure knows how to work the spotlight. She really has no talent to speak of (have you seen her first music video? It’s truly laughable.) and yet somehow has managed to become incredibly famous. And mostly, it’s because she does ridiculous things like this that end up being newsworthy simply because people are so shocked at her behavior.

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