Friendly Faces

It was a beautiful day for an outdoor assignment and we started off on Willamette Street. The first local Friendlian we came across was Connor Sullivan, who works at Capella Market in the deli section. Connor lives on Crest Drive and said that he liked the area because there are friendly people, lots of trees and a low crime rate. He said that Tsunami Books was his favorite place in the area (the bookstore next to Capella) because it was local and he knew the owner, Scott. When we asked him what he would change about the area he simply shrugged, “Well, I grew up here so I like it as it is. I wouldn’t change a thing.” The interview was interrupted slightly as Connor scooped some potato salad into a cup for a customer, but he was kind enough to let us snap a couple quick pictures.

Connor Sullivan

We then ventured farther down Willamette to Subway where we asked one of the girls working there if she lived in the Friendly neighborhood. A man that was waiting in line for his sandwich to be made quickly interjected that he did indeed live in the area. Mike Shilling was definitely the “friendliest” of the people that we interviewed and was happy to answer all our questions. Even though Mike has only lived on McMillan Street  for a few months the only thing he thought that could be improved about the neighborhood was to add a Papa Murphys. He seemed happy with the apartment that he found on Craigslist, “It has a nice layout, and I live at the end of a dead end road so it’s quiet.”

Mike Shilling


Mike Shilling's Shirt

For our final interview we went to Westmoreland Community Park, where we encountered Angela Krauss playing disc golf. She agreed to let us interview her but didn’t stop playing so we followed her around as she threw her Frisbee. Angela moved to Portland Alley a year and a half ago from Michigan and likes the neighborhood, especially since Capella Market and the park are close enough for her to bike to. Her suggestion for the community was to add more benches in the park for pedestrians, “A lot of the time they end up sitting in the grass and blocking games.”

Angela Krauss

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