A Sunny Walk!

A walk along the Amazon neighborhood
By Kanyapak Wuttara

Today, the group and I interviewed five people from the Amazon neighborhood.

Our first assignment victim, Dave Reuter, is a father of a son who goes to a primary school here in the Amazon area. Dave doesn’t actually live here in this particular neighborhood, he lives down at Friendly neighborhood. While sitting on the bench and enjoying the sun light on this fine lovely day, Dave was nice enough to spare us a few minutes of his time to answer some of our questions.

Dave said that he likes the neighborhood, he appreciates the bike paths, and occasionally uses the gym and the pool facility in the summer. Though one thing that could improve the area, as Dave added, is that perhaps the area of the playground could be weatherproof so that it doesn’t flood in the winter. “It turns into a swamp in the winter,” he said as he jokingly smiled at his son.

Another person we interviewed was Julie Meglinsky, a local who was enjoying her lunch in the sun, sitting on a bench in the middle of the Amazon park. Julie works at South Eugene High School. “I just like the green space here,” said Julie.

Later then, we walked up to Albertsons and decided to interview one more lady, Barb Burcher. Barb at the time was with her husband, getting their grocery bags into the car. We walked up to them and asked for a quick interview. Her husband said no at the start while walking towards the front seat of the car. Barb, jokingly imitated her husband as she turned around and smiled at us. “Men,” said Barb.

Barb has lived here in the Amazon neighborhood for almost three years, having moved from Colorado earlier. She loves the area she said. One thing that Barb said that may help improve the area is to have more police around. Barb said that the cars around here would rather “zoom” than drive at the speed limit, Barb added the sound effects. She also said that the road condition here needs improvement with Dillard St. sinking.

The locals seem to enjoy their time here down at the Amazon neighborhood on such sunny day. We came across two more people after having interviewed Barb. Both agreed that the Amazon neighborhood is a decent, and quiet neighborhood. Though, similar to Barb’s suggestion, Virginia Hambley also suggested that people need to drive slower. She agrees that the area is indeed very convenient having Sundance on one end and Albertsons on the other. However, one more thing she added was the concern with college students. “The college students are really a problem. There are only a few. It is something you have to dealing living here. Sometimes in the summer and on weekends it can get pretty loud, but you have to allow it; it isn’t that bad,” said Virginia .

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