Readers Change Their Way of Getting News to Suit Their Purpose

By: Seiga Ohtani

EUGENE- Nowadays several media are available to get news such as newspaper, TV, magazine, and the internet. But readers or users change their ways of getting news to suit the purpose.

On January 12, ten graduate students or staff members of the University of Oregon responded to a survey that asked their attitude toward journalism focusing on which media they usually use. The questions of the survey asked them which newspaper or magazine they read, which web site they use, and how do they think media is biased. On the whole, they use each media in a different purpose to meet their own convenience. Also, though the way of using the internet was different for each person, everyone somehow uses it to get information.

Five of the 10 people said that they read local newspaper in this area, such as The Register guard, Oregon Daily Emerald, or Eugene Weekly. Their purpose of reading these newspapers are to get local news.

In contrast, they use online news sites to get national or international news as,, The BBC, and the New York Times. These news sites provide more national news, compared to local newspapers. Not only online news sites but also online communications have become common even among staff at the University. Each of the 10 people have Facebook account to contact their friends, though some of them do not use it often.

At the same time, some people read newspapers and use news sites in a opposite way. Tiffany Vanpelt, an office specialist of Knight Library, said that she reads both the Eugene Weekly and the Register Guard to obtain information of her current city. Also, she reads a newspaper website of her hometown: the Daily Astorian, which is a local newspaper of Astoria, Oregon.

This trend comes under TV news. People use different channel because they expect each TV station to provide different kinds of news. Vanpelt also said that she watches KEZI to get local news and watches MSNBC to get national news.

The purpose of reading magazine is different among people in terms of their own taste. Two of the 10 people like reading the National Geographic that is mainly about science. Only one of the 10 is fond of ESPN Magazine, another likes The Economist, and another likes Parenting. Some people do not read magazine regularly.

The survey also revealed that people’s attitude toward news stories is prudent. Some of them do not believe news stories immediately. Annie Baily, a front desk manager of International Affairs, said that some news stories are already biased. Diana Alderette, an office specialist  of Lewis Center for Neuroimaging, said that it depends on the subject.

About seigaohtani

Seiga Ohtani is a public relations professional based in Tokyo, Japan.
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