College Students Failing to Blog

College students are networking savvy, but few have picked up blogging.

By: Ryan Imondi

Eugene (Ore)- The average college student has fully embraced social networking. Yet many students are still hesitant when entering the world of blogging.

University of Oregon campus

Surveying ten college juniors and seniors at the University of Oregon in an unscientific questionnaire, Reporting1blog found that only one student actively blogged. Almost every student said they read various blogs on a regular basis, but had never actually blogged themselves.

Driving the movement of social networking, college students have fully embraced its advantages. Students can set up parties on Facebook, sample new music on Myspace, and follow their favorite celebrities on Twitter.

“It’s weird if you don’t have a Facebook,” said Amy Curtis, a senior majoring in business at the University of Oregon. “Not having one means that you either don’t want to know what’s going on or don’t care.”

Only one student out of the ten surveyed said they did not have a Facebook.

The disparity between participation in blogging and other social networking sites is something that many students believe is logical. Students cited multiple reasons for the lack of participation in the blogosphere. Most felt that they did not have enough time to blog while balancing school and work. Others said they did not feel strongly enough about an issue to fill up an entire blog.

“I don’t blog, because I have nothing to blog about,” said Jon Jacobson, a psychology major in the middle of his junior year.

The survey did show that students were reading some form of news every day. Nine out of ten students said they read the news, with eight of those nine getting it from an online source.

Having knowledge of current events did not persuade the students surveyed that blogging was necessary.

Junior Aleks Magi felt blogging was redundant. “At a rally, you need as many people to go as possible. For blogging, you only need a few to write and you get your view across.”

Kyle Steinbach, a business and cinema studies major was the one student respondent who said he blogged on a regular basis. “I blog because I care about movies; it’s my way of voicing my thoughts and opinions.”

Kyle Steinbach said that blogging was a good way to connect to people within the film industry. He felt blogging allowed people to see his ideas and could one day lead to employment in the film industry.

The survey also found that respondents were engaged in local news. Eight out of ten students either read the Eugene Register-Guard or the Oregon Daily Emerald.

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1 Response to College Students Failing to Blog

  1. Interesting. I gave the same survey to graduate students and found that several of them have blogs. I wonder if there’s any correlation between age and the likeliness of blogging, though the grad students all had Facebook accounts as well. I wonder if Facebook were to incorporate a blog type platform if more juniors and seniors would blog. They’ve already done that with Twitter.

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