Stupid Accidents

Talking on the phone while driving is a well-known dangerous combination for causing road accidents. Of course, it is a phrase that we’re all familiar with. Distracted driving used to be one of the biggest concerns for potential accidents. Before? Yes, but not anymore though for now walking while using cell phones has become the worlds biggest concern. “Forget Gum. Walking and Using Phone Is Risky,” an article by Matt Richtel from the New York Times talks about the growing problem caused by multitasking through conversing on cell phones while walking.

Richtel explains that more than 1,000 pedestrians visited emergency rooms in 2008 due to injuries caused by distracted walking, whether it is by walking into a pole or simply straying onto the road. I actually think that this is a rather entertaining as well as informative piece of writing. It is a topic that we all can relate to. I’m sure that we all here have had that kind of experience before, something like falling down the stairs while talking on the phone or simply walking into a wall while trying to text. I certainly have, many times.
Indeed that technology today allows us to be well-connected to the world around us. A cell phone now becomes almost like an all-round device. For example, an iPhone, a device that allows access to the internet, online chatting, and as well as performing a role of a camera or an MP3 player. It’s what every person wants, a device that comes with today’s essentials. Another example would be the BlackBerry cell phones, with the texting and the constant BBM chatting, people are becoming more and more “cyber-focused” rather than living in the real world (hence, all these stupid accidents and injuries). I guess the down side of this whole technology thing is that people are now starting to move more towards their “robotic” side rather than following their natural human instinct. In a way, something small like simply walking into a pole while using a phone is already a demonstration of the future yet to come. People are soon to stop living and just remain in their own cyber bubbles! bleh!

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3 Responses to Stupid Accidents

  1. Chris says:

    I can’t believe how many people visited the hospital for injuries caused by walking while using a cell phone! I wonder how that statistic came into play while discussing outlawing driving while using a phone. Could the new law about driving and using a cell phone be the first of a laundry list of laws prohibiting cell phone use during activities?

  2. kaylaanchell says:

    I know it’s not politically correct of me, but that article is pretty funny. There’s so many warnings out there – sometimes I think it’s best to just live by the “survival of the fittest” strategy.

  3. McKenna says:

    Isn’t weird to remember when people kept address books, or remembered telephone numbers of friends by heart? Sometimes I think we will become so secluded in our own digital worlds that we won’t know how to act anymore when we finally come into contact with a “live human”!

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