New Kids on the Block

This afternoon Jenni, Seiga, and I went to Southeast Eugene to check out our neighborhood.  I don’t know what I was expecting, but the place is not what I expected.  After passing major businesses like Glenwood and Wendy’s, we arrived at Willamette and 30th Avenue and found ourselves climbing a mountain, which surrounded us with a deep forest of trees.

One house that was bright orange with purple trim caught my eye.  It stood out on a street with mostly cool-colored houses.  The neighborhood was very peaceful.  One house had what looked like an art workshop in the front yard.  It had creatively made pineapple-looking Christmas lights hung in the trees. 

After leaving the residential part we headed to the secluded area of businesses.  In the entire area of Southeast Eugene, there is only a few areas with shops, and of all those shops, there are two Dari Marts.

Across the street from one Dari Mart is the restaurant section.  An Italian restaurant called Mazzi’s and a bar called The Pad.  On the other side of the street there’s a doctor’s office, a wine and liquor store, a pet grooming salon, and a hair salon called Hair Ba Doo Ba!

A few people were out walking their dogs.  A guy in dark, baggy clothes used the pay phone.  Cars passed us by, but people kept to themselves.  This seemed like a place to live and not a place for excitement or anything loud.  Although we did a young girl dressed in some sort of princess costume.

Nowhere did we find a park or a school.  Just houses and the occasional business.  The houses in this neighborhood looked anything but ordinary box-y houses.  Each one had an old-time feel and looked nothing like the one next to it.  Guess it’s not a suburb!

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