Students choose Facebook over any other media

Surveyed U of O students don’t take interest in news
By: Jaimie Goldstein

EUGENE—Students at the University of Oregon spend hours online, but not reading headlines—they’re reading status updates on Facebook.
            In an unscientific survey of 10 freshman and/or sophomores, Reporting1Blog found that Facebook is where students are spending their time.  Every student interviewed has a registered Facebook account, while MySpace is slowly fading away, and one student said, “Twitter is sketch.”
            From the survey, Reporting1Blog found that students spend anywhere from 15 minutes to 13 hours per day online, but not reading the news. 
            Over half of the surveyed students said they don’t watch TV news.  Most read entertainment magazines such as Sports Illustrated or Cosmopolitan, one student reads TIME
            Many don’t think that the news is trustworthy.  More than half of the students interviewed believed that the media do not get the facts right, either because it’s biased or doesn’t show both sides. 
            Freshman Tim Mai said the news goes “for the juicy stuff and not details.”
            And almost half of the students think the media are biased in favor of conservatives.
            The students do read print newspapers.
            When asked about the Oregon Daily Emerald and the Eugene Register-Guard, students had an opinion.  One half prefers students reporting about the news while the other half prefers professionals.
            The Register-Guard “works harder to get the facts,” said Drew Muscatell, an undeclared freshman. 
            Reporting1Blog found that students do not go out of their way for the news.  Sophomore Lauren Geschke said that she only reads newspapers in print if “they’re sitting around, but I don’t pay.”
            News is not a priority for students.  Freshman Laura Vigeland said that she sometimes reads the newspaper, but that it’s hard to find at school.  And with no TV in her dorm she can’t watch the news. 
            Since there are obstacles blocking students from retrieving the news, they resort to Facebook to research friends instead of current events. 
            They do seem to appreciate a relatable comedian.  More than half of the students consider Steven Colbert a journalist.  Geschke says, “He’s not a news reporter, he’s a journalist.”

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