Intro Reporting 1 Jaimie

My name is Jaimie, I’m a junior interested in magazine and fashion.  I hope to gain experience with professionals and understand new media.  The cyber world is very intimidating for me because I am not very good with computers.  I feel like Zoolander and Hansel when dealing with computers.

This class seems fun because we have already had a field trip and I am excited to be learning, but not in a classroom.  Out-of-the-classroom learning seems to be the most fun and the most useful.  I took the Gateway series last year and found it very helpful.  Instead of just writing a long paper, I learned the art of storytelling through video, sound, and writing.  This class will help further my knowledge of the cyber world and put me ahead of all the other journalists still using old media.

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3 Responses to Intro Reporting 1 Jaimie

  1. Chris says:

    Bring on the field trips!

  2. I like how you linked “cyber world” to Twitter! I’m right there with you!

  3. kanyapak says:

    hahah i second the Zoolander and Hansel comment!

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