Sawley’s introduction #J361

My name is Sawley Vickrey, and I’m currently a junior at the University of Oregon.  I’m majoring in news-editorial in the School of Journalism and Communication.  My hope is to become a sports writer.  This has been an aspiration of mine since the beginning of high school.  Sports are a huge part of my life, as I also am a big fan of the Oakland Raiders, Oakland Athletics, Golden State Warriors, San Jose Sharks, Chelsea FC of the English Premier League and, since I’ve been going to school here, the Oregon Ducks.  Some of those teams aren’t doing so hot.  No need to go into details, but I live and die with my teams, regardless (but not as much as people like this guy).  My most hated teams are the San Francisco 49ers, San Francisco Giants and Utah Jazz (random, yes, but it’s a long story).

Naturally, I grew up watching sports on television constantly, especially ESPN.  The same would happen for print, as I would scan the sports page and various sports websites.  Eventually it dawned on me that what I was reading and watching on TV was something that I would like to do for my career.  Sports writing is where I want to get started, but eventually I want to double dip into broadcasting.  I know it’s not going to be an easy path in life, handed to me on a silver platter.  I’m fully prepared to work for my goals and adjust to changes when necessary in what many consider to be a competitive field.  I understand that the future of journalism, especially print journalism, is in questionable territory, but I have faith that whatever happens will be for the best.

About Sawley

Tortured but loyal fan of the Golden State Warriors, Oakland Raiders, Oakland A's, San Jose Sharks, Oregon Ducks and Chelsea FC. Life's easier with the R. Kelly Pandora station.
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2 Responses to Sawley’s introduction #J361

  1. jaimiegoldstein says:

    I feel the same way you do about sports, about fashion. And I know it will be tough and an uphill battle, especially because sports and fashion are both very, very competitive. But if we work hard, we will achieve our goals!

  2. seigaohtani says:

    I am a fun of Seattle Mariners and Ichiro. I hope that Mariners beat A’s in this coming season. Anyway, I wish you will be a good sports writer in the near future!

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