Why Organic?

Nowadays people see their health as first priority of their life same as people in the Amazon Neighborhood. The organic foods are starting to win the popularity in the market with amazing speed. From the beginning, residents could only buy organic foods in the local natural food store such as the Sundance Natural Foods, New Frontier but today residents do simply grow vegetables in their yards.

The question is why people chose organic rather than other food. What are the advantages of the organic Food? According to a research report by The Organic Center, nutrient levels, in organic food averaged 25% higher than in conventional food.” This is the key factor of people chose to eat organically rather than conventional ones because it is healthier. The Organic Food not only has higher nutrition that The Organic Center also found “phenolic acid levels were higher in organic crops by 20% or more [than conventional ones].” It has prove that conventional foods not only less nutritional but bad for body health.

Hence, the residents in the Amazon neighborhood pursue their healthy life not only just eat organic foods also though self-produce garden and community gardens. Also, Linda Lu, a fiber artist living in the Amazon Neighborhood, says that the Amazon Neighborhood used to be farmlands about 70 years ago. The people living here are all farmers. She says people who live in the neighborhood are all using organic fertilizer because they have a resource from the Down to Earth local home and garden store.

The pioneer store of the Organic Foods – “The Sundance Natural Foods” is located in the neighborhood to provide residents healthy and abundant choices of natural foods. According to the analysis of Amazon Neighborhood, most residents here are single family or student renters. In this family-oriented neighborhood, people would like to maintain sustainable living to live healthier and happier.

The Amazon Neighborhood Association also supports its residents to pursue a sustainable living. For example, the Amazon Neighborhood has bike tours and which residents ride a bike to visit each other’s neighborhood gardens to see other people’s garden and exchange their opinions about gardening. Bike tour is not the only way for the residents get involved into sustainable living. Residents are exchange their ideas and practice themselves through self-produce garden in order to have a healthy green life.

Picture from the Wellness.com

When we shop food, do we really know the nutrition values of organic food?

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