The Amazon Neighborhood

The Amazon Neighborhood is bounded by 24th Avenue on the north, Agate Street and Laurelwood Golf Course on the east, 30th Avenue on the south, and Amazon Creek on the west. There are two community centers: Amazon Community Center and Hilyard Community Center located at 2700 and 2580 Hilyard Street. There are Amazon pool, Amazon Park, Dog Park, Skate Park and community garden in this neighborhood. There is also an article “Amazon Neighborhood Interesting Statistics” written by Grace Caton provides a ratio analysis of residents living in the neighborhood. An article “A Community with Family Joy [Amazon]” There are also some local business in the neighborhood such as Sundance Natural Foods, The Sundance Wine Cellars, Evolution Gaming, Black Sun Books and The Beanery that the article has interview some of them to talk about their business while economy crisis impact the whole nations, “Local Businesses Work Out Fine In Bad Economy.” gives a short introduction of the Amazon Neighborhood. There are articles tells what kind of exercise or activities residents living in the Amazon Neighborhood do in free times, there are articles “Ultimate Frisbee Games in the Amazon Park” and “A Lazy Hour at University Park” write about that. Compare to other Neighborhood, the Amazon Neighborhood residents seems spend many of their time on pursuing sustainable living. There are many articles written about how residents living in the sustainable living, such as “A sustainable family: Dena, Toby, and TC,” ” Amazon Neighborhood is “Going Green”” tells how people love their life in engage with healtht and green. Also, there is article that The Amazon Neighborhood Association co-chair, Randy Prince, talks about the Amazon Neighborhood – “Amazon Neighborhood is healthy and proactive.” There are still more stories we can find in the Amazon Neighborhood.

Miniature of the Amazon Neighborhood

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