Sustainable living: Linda Lu, a self-produce gardener

Linda Lu is a fiber artist and gardener who spends most of her time on her work and garden. She has long straight brown hair with a nice soft voice. She nicely welcomed me to her house to see what she is growing in her garden. Lu’s garden is big and she grows many different kinds of vegetables. “I grow most of my own food seasonally; we grow potatoes, eggplants, corns and raspberries,” she said.

Also, she raises 4 rabbits in her garden. According to Lu, she composes her own organic fertilizers to use in her garden and rabbit poop is the best resource to use in the garden because it can directly add into her composed fertilizers. Lu has been living in the Amazon Neighborhood about 20 years and she loves self-producing her own food. She said, “I feel so satisfied, so much abundance, and so cheap”. Lu also says that she loves to produce her own food and that she eats mostly food from her garden and rarely go out for shopping.

Before that, she used to work in the Sundance Natural Food for 20 years. Therefore, she has well-known knowledge about the organic foods. She preserves, freezes and dries the food she grows in her garden in order to keep them for the whole year supply. The process from produce until making food into dishes is 100 percent natural and organic.”

During the conversation, Lu mentioned that the Oregon state is the second in the nation where about 95,000 people skipped meals because they did not have enough money for food said a report by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. However, people in the Amazon Neighborhood remove their gardens; instead they build more student rentals in their back yard. Lu thinks if people start to grow their own vegetables, it would be more helpful to reduce the food crisis in Oregon. Even though many people are renters, there are still ways to grow their own vegetables. There are so many advantages to growing your own vegetables.

A lady who joins the meeting about food security at Lane County says “when you grow a garden it makes you happy, and it empowers you.” Lu loves spending her time on her garden and fiber arts. She also has a small greenhouse which grows flowers in it. Lu enjoys her sustainable living and she will continue with her life producing organic food and fiber art pieces.

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