Sundance Natural Foods: One of the best places to find organic food

In the Amazon Neighborhood, one of the biggest advantages for the residents is that they have an organic food store to provide them local and fresh organic foods. The Sundance Natural Foods store was established in 1971 in Eugene, Oregon and sells a variety of local and organic foods. The store is in the plaza at 748 E 24th Ave where lots of stores share the space together. Also, there is the store “Sundance Wine Cellars” just right behind the Sundance which sells the largest variety of wines from local Oregon wineries. The Amazon Neighborhood residents can come after work to pick up anything they need in the store. Outside, there is a bench and some boards where people from the community post lots of advertisements and performances held in Eugene. Sometimes, you can see people chatting about their daily life outside the store. There are always country rock songs and sounds of people checking out their products around the store. In Sundance, you can get everything you need. Many organic oil and herb teas are placed in the glass bottles and have white tags on them, same as dry foods. On the right side of the store, you can see many seasonal fresh locally grown vegetables and fruits put together with hand written descriptions on them. Down at the end of the aisle, customers can find fresh salad, cooked rice and hot soups there. Wines, beers and organic juices are put around the salad bar in huge refrigerators. According to Kristi Yoder, the front end manager of the Sundance says “lots of our customers live in this neighborhood, and many of them are affiliated with the University.” The reason for Sundance’s popularity probably is because their organic foods are well selected. One costumer, Gary Trendler, says that the Sundance is strict about their organic foods and that is why he comes here to shop even though he does not live in the neighborhood. Many neighborhoods unlike the Amazon Neighborhood have such abundant and reliable resources to obtain organic food. Moksha Rainbowlight, a costumer who grew up in this neighborhood and her father also works in the Sundance for 10 years, says, “Sundance has everything you need here and you can wander around to buy everything healthier than the big mart which sells many bad things that aren’t healthy.” Another customer, Ron who refuses to give his last name, says that he loves Sundance because they have the most fresh local produce foods but one thing he does not like is the prices are too high. However, Ron says that the Sundance is a comfortable place to shop food and he thinks the staff is all friendly and helpful here. Sundance also built a good relationship with the customers with friendly and helpful attitudes. Sometimes on the weekend, the Sundance would have small local food tasting in front of the store to have more interaction with the community and customers. The goal of the Sundance Natural Food is “Individuals nourishing community nourishing individuals,” which implies the Sundance wishes to create a right livelihood by being nurturing in how they relate to others as well as in the foods they sell.

The Logo of the Sundance Natural Foods

Organic Peanut Butters are put in the plastic pails

The store front of the Sundance Natural Foods

Fresh Organic Squashes are put in the store front

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