Love Been Surrounded by the Organics

Kriti Yoder, the front end manager of the Sundance Natural Foods

Kristi Yoder is the front end manager of the Sundance Natural Food. Most of her work times are dealing with the customers and the organic foods. Yoder has a lovely smile and brown curly hair with black glasses. Her voice is so soft and cheerful that people can hear her energy and friendly personality. Yoder is not tall but average. She wears really casual clothing along with her uniform – a black vest with a small yellow Sundance mark on it. A small blue pin decorates her vest. She puts pens and notes in her pocket in order to make sure everything is ok in the store.

When she talks about the advantages of the organic foods that she said, “The soils that grow organic foods are more nutrient rich and have not had their nutrients depleted. With chemically grown produce, the farming techniques used often damage the soil and take away nutrients.” She also says the way organic farms compost and utilize the produces returns nutrients to the soil and turns the produces into more nutrient foods. Also, Katie Elzer-Peters, a horticulturist and garden writer, in her article “The 411 on Chemical Fertilizer,” writes that “chemical fertilizers can cause leaching, or groundwater pollution. Oftentimes, they are highly acidic, thus resulting in high acidic levels in the soil that stunt plant growth and kill microorganisms that help supply nitrogen to plants. Chemical fertilizers are typically more expensive than their organic counterparts, and they can eventually lead to a chemical imbalance in plants, particularly an excess of nitrogen.” That makes organic foods and conventional foods have different nutritional values.

Hence, Yoder’s father has a big garden and herbicides where she starts her life get involved with the organic foods. Yoder loves natural foods and enjoys the taste of the organic foods. There are so many good reasons for her to eat the organic foods. Also, Yoder thinks buying local organic food is one way to support the local economy and the community. Yoder thinks the organic foods are more tasty, healthy and good for the farm work and the environments.

Also, one of the important things is that she wants her family and children also understand the values of the organic foods. Therefore, her family members including her 4 years and one year old children know what organic is that her 4 year son would ask her the food “Is this Organic?” and her 1 year baby son loves the organic yogurt. Her father has brought the knowledge of the organic foods to Yoder and she fell in love with it. Now she is giving her knowledge of the organic food to her children. The knowledge has been shared over 3 generations in Yoder’s family.

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