Cal Young: Home Away From Home

As the neighborhood group assigned to Cal Young has discovered, Cal Young has much to offer. The neighborhood has become my home away from home for the past year since I began working at P.F. Chang’s China Bistro in the Oakway Center off Coburg Road.

The Oakway Center is an ideal destination for shopping, entertainment and eateries. Photo Courtesy Oakway Center's website.

According to Oakway’s website, it’s “Eugene’s premier shopping experience located in the heart of Eugene.” The center offers a variety of shops, restaurants and eateries. Here, shopping and dining collaborate for an upscale, relaxed experience.

Besides the dining room and kitchen at P.F. Chang’s that has become more familiar than my bedroom, my favorite part of the center is the Heritage Courtyard. Hidden by surrounding stores, the plaza environment is an open space covered by overlooking trees and carpeted by green grass and cement pathways. The location provided an ideal setting to enjoy conversation and lunch this past summer.

With summer days long forgotten, the Oakway Center has changed its appearance to usher in the holiday season. Stores are decorated with lights and greenery, red and green. On Sunday, November 29th, the Oakway Center held its 24th Annual Tree Lighting Celebration, where crowds of people gathered in the parking lot to witness the event before frequenting the shops and eateries.

Though the economy has yet to fully recover, the Oakway Center seems to continue to sidestep the negative affects of cautious consumers. P.F. Chang’s and other restaurants remain busy as residents from all over Eugene come to dine for celebrations, date nights or family dinners. Shopping destinations continue to draw customers as the season of giving has finally arrived. With so much to offer, I foresee the center as being a continued success through 2010.

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Hi! I am currently a senior at the University of Oregon majoring in the Journalism fields of Electronic Media and Magazine. Though I have never had a blog of my own, I have a passion for writing and can see this medium of communication as being right down my alley.
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