Whiteaker: Beyond Blair Boulevard

This afternoon I meandered over to the Whiteaker for my neighborhood post. I’d read the Whit group’s blog posts, so I kinda had a feel for the neighborhood, plus read up about it on its Wikipedia page.

Blair Boulevard is where it’s at in the Whit. I started at the Red Barn Natural Grocery store.

The Red Barn has sorts of organic foods and a little deli.

Right across the street from Red Barn is Papa’s Soul Kitchen and Sam Bond’s Garage. Papas’ didn’t appear to be open, and if you look closely, you can see bouquets of flowers near the door.

Sorry for the really dark picture

Further down Blair Boulevard is World Cafe and the Pizza Research Institute. I haven’t been to either but I’d love to sometime.

But the Whit is more than the great food on Blair Boulevard – it’s known as a progressive and eclectic community. I walked around the block just to catch a glimpse at the kind of housing.

That’s when I stumbled upon this gem: the East Blair Housing Cooperative. The multiple, brightly colored buildings are home to more than 22 units with all sorts of different people.

I hear the Whit also has a hostel! The Whit makes Jefferson Westside feel so uptight and average.

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