Downtown Neighborhood Exploration

Downtown Eugene doesn’t have too much to offer on a Sunday afternoon. Most of the stores downtown are closed all day on Sundays, and while the area still has some bars, restaurants, and coffee shops open, a number of them are closed.

Downtown is still filled with a number of people walking around though, including a panhandler with a cardboard sign that reads in large letters “YOU WILL GIVE ME MONEY” and in smaller letters underneath “and weed”. He also carried with him a spinning cardboard circle with a spiral drawn on it. He followed passers-by on the streets, spinning his hypnotic circle and saying, “Give me your money!” While some people stopped to talk, some just laughed as he walked behind them.

There are a number of art galleries and small shops in the downtown area. The Jazz Station was also featuring live music from 4pm until 7pm.

One of the stores that is open on a Sunday afternoon however is J. Michael’s Fine Books, a new and used bookstore located on 16th Ave. and E. Broadway. It is located in the historic Quackenbush building. The store features everything from newly released books to antique first editions. The books range from cookbooks to art to history.

The Quackenbush building was built in 1902 and was used as a hardware store until recent years. These days, along with J. Micheal’s, it also has Studio Tre Amiche, an art gallery and studio owned by three local artists, Rogena Degge, Patsy Hutchinson Hand, and Kathryn Martin Hutchinson.

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