And we are still talking about newspaper circulation because….?

In an AP article, the discussion is about the decline still occurring in newspaper circulation—hardcopy that is.  I don’t mean to be disrespectful to the author but I truly believe the public has heard enough about this topic.  As a student in the journalism field of study, this is a known fact we are preparing for, as we get ready to enter a changing industry.  I find the topic of circulation in hard copy less and less interesting as I learn more and more about the abilities of the online world for a journalist.  And more frightening than the idea of losing readers on one end of the spectrum is the idea that the skill set needed to be a successful journalist seems to grow at an unachievable rate.   What’s more is the fact that as we are expected to learn more and be able to perform more duties the industries businesses are making less money; thus, journalists are probably not going to be making any extra money for all of the new duties they have to learn.  “Nevertheless, many newspapers are still offering discounts to bolster their circulation so they don’t risk losing even more advertising revenue. The size of the audience is one-factor marketers consider when they buy ads.”  Well, advertising is depleting in the hard copy industry because the Internet is taking over the newspaper industry.  Since that is the case, the revenue of online ads is not being taken into account here simply because the newspapers losing out are the ones that haven’t made the transition to the online world.  New journalists coming out of college, such as myself, are being taught how to be apart of the online world as a journalist; thus, our jobs may be at smaller papers that need help getting the ball rolling.   I guess the excitement in that is the fact that new journalists will have a slight advantage in that respect for now—until the transition is completed and experience is gained by all over the following years.  I just wish the attention would be on the newly uprising online cycle of readership instead of a broken record of failing newspapers that has been happening for a little while now.  I believe newspapers will not go entirely away but they will be a much smaller concept, as the online world has already become the news platform of the future.  The skill set a journalist is required to have is what is more interesting to me.  Such as the ability to use an iPhone to shoot a story? Crazy.  Just crazy.

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