Tonight I went to Cornucopia on 17th and Lincoln for dinner.

According to reviews I’ve read online, the restaurant caters to special diets, serves lots of beer, and has the best burgers in town.  I love a good burger, so I was excited to visit.

Cornucopia is just on the edge of the Jefferson Westside Neighborhood stuck in the middle of a residential part of town.  If I hadn’t Google Mapped Cornucopia, I wouldn’t have seen it from a busy road.

Just because it was off the beaten path didn’t mean it was slow.  The restaurant was bumping when we arrived at 5:30.  For the most part, the crowd was older, like middle 40’s to 50’s.  There were only two families with children and we were the only college students.

We were greeted by a server not much older than me who seemed a bit frazzled by the packed house.  She stuck us in the corner (right next to the walk in fridge) and basically left us alone for the whole meal, which is both a blessing and a curse.

The brick walls were painted yellow and there was interesting posters on the wall.  The dining room was shaped kind of funky, so I couldn’t really see much of it, but it was nice to have some privacy.

The menu was extensive, offering  wide range of sandwiches, salads and burgers.  We ordered a salad and sliders to share – and the fries were the best part.  The prices weren’t too bad either, about $8 for a burger and fries.

Overall, I’d rate my experience at Cornucopia a B.  I’d come again, but it wasn’t the best meal I’d ever had.

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  1. Yay! Good to see someone else is less than impressed with this consistently overrated place.

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