Amazon Neighborhood is “Going Green”

My enterprise story is going to be on how neighbors in the Amazon Neighborhood grow their own produce and gardens to save money, be healthy, help the economy, and to better the environment. When I was poking around the neighborhood, it came to my attention of how many different ways the neighbors are “going green” in the area and community.
A trend that is beneficial to saving the atmosphere are composts. Composts are where food that was not used is put into a concentrated area, and eventually can be used as fertilizer and can be put back into the earth and soil where it originally came from. It may look and smell disgusting, but it is in fact saving the earth by recycling it into your own backyard and helping your plants grow instead of throwing it in the garbage. The Amazon Neighborhood website gives neighbors ideas of how to easily start their own composts such as putting a large plastic bin in the corner of the yard, making it easily accessible and not so messy. The website also gives ideas on how to break down the compost and use it in a garden. They write how to sift through the compost, using the ready pieces and saving the bigger, not yet decomposed pieces for later fertilization.

Example of a compost bin in a garden

Another method that the Amazon Neighborhood is using to “go green” is converting to solar rooftops and using solar electricity for homes. It is expensive to have a house converted to using this type of energy, but the Amazon Neighborhood website gives out the information for One Block Off the Grid (1BOG), which helps people interested in converting to solar electricity get the best deals and save the most money.

Example of a house using solar powered rooftops

The neighborhood has come up with helpful tips on how to grow a garden in certain conditions, for example if it is a small, shady area. It also has ideas on how to collaborate with fellow neighbors to help each other successfully grow their personal gardens.
The website gives steps towards achieving a sustainable lifestyle as a neighborhood:
1. get informed and motivated
2. see yourself as an agent for change
3. act collaboratively

The Amazon Neighborhood is making a collaborative effort to have a healthier community and achieve a sustainable lifestyle. There are many different ways that they are trying to achieve this goal other than just personal gardens, but other green lifestyles as well such as solar energy and composts. There is a general meeting for the Amazon Neighborhood at the Camus Ridge Community School this Wednesday, November 18, at 7p.m.

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