The Relationship Between Twitter and Journalism


Twitter, a free social networking and micro-blogging service

Twitter is the most popular social networking allowed its users to communicate and update information to exchange with others. Twitter can also simply t set up in your cell phone to read and tweet about anything you want to talk about. However, I have read an article “,Why Journalist are uneasy talking about Twitter as journalism,” which Alfred Hermida discussed about a new terms called “ambient journalism” that twitter has become a newsroom for journalist to distribute news quickly and concisely or as a tool to solicit story ideas and facts.

However, Twitter still cannot be considered as journalism due to several reasons. In the article, it quotes from the head of the BBC’s global news division. Richard Sambrook, argued “Twitter is good at gossip, promoting people’s interest, and entertaining, but it is also good in some news-related fields. It isn’t journalism, but it is good in transporting eyewitness pictures and live tweets, as it is providing links to sites of interest.” I totally agreed with what Samborrk’s idea about Twitter.

Since I am also the user of the Twitter, but the most things I see people do on the Twitter are talking about own interests or providing links of certain things allow people to get some information. Twitter can never be journalism because it does not produce any news or any news-related thing itself. All the information is come from its users.

Also, Twitter also brings up a question about the amount of unsubstantiated rumors and wild inaccuracies information, meanwhile, there is news event or new articles links on the Twitter. Twitter has combine to board range of information and this makes the information on the  Twitter hard to be trust.

Hermida also think that the most important thing is not arguing about Twitter is or isn’t journalism. People should change their conversation to focus on how journalism taking place on the Twitter and what Twitter’s relationship to established journalism norms and practices. It is true, I think Twitter can never be consider as journalism but I do think Twitter provide journalist to practice and exchange news-related information through its platform.

Related Aritle: ” FoJ09 talk: Twitter as a system of ambient journalism” written by Alfred Hermida

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One Response to The Relationship Between Twitter and Journalism

  1. Thanks for the link. I disagree with your assessment that Twitter isn’t journalism. Ask yourself, is blogging journalism? The answer is that it depends what you are blogging about. Similarly, is Twitter journalism? Again, the answer depends on what you are tweeting about.

    Both blogs and Twitter are communications platforms. Whether it is journalism is determined by the content, not the platform.

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