Loving Her Life as Part of the Community


“Hi, how are you? How’s your day?” She gives her warmest smiles and greetings to every customer who enters the store. The customers would not just pass by to get what they want. Kristi Yoder is always busy waking around the store and making sure everything is organized and customers are all satisfied with their purchases. Yoder loves her life working with organic food but also enjoys organic food herself with her family.

Kristi Yoder, the front end manager of the Sundance Natural Foods, has worked in the organic food business for about eight years. Yoder’s work is to control the cashiers and check that everything, including customers, in the store is fine. She says,“I like my position. I love the people I work with.”

“Ding, Ding, Ding,” the bells hanging on the door makes sounds to alert Yoder there is customer coming into the store. There is country rock music playing in the store, it make customers feel free to walk inside to just look around or get what they need.

Yoder spends a little time sitting, at the back of the store planning events or talking with her colleagues plan for the day. Yoder is happy and cheerful while she works. Sometimes, Yoder feels frustrated when she feel things does works well with her customers; she cries and takes a break. Mostly she just laughs it off and makes a joke to get over it.

Yoder has a lovely smile on her face all the time. With black glasses, brown curly hair and black Sundance Natural Food uniform, Yoder gives people the first impression that she’s easygoing, active and cheerful. Her hands play with a pen when she feels nervous. Her voice is high and cheerful. Her personality also reflects on her work attitudes and family.

“I have wonderful husband and two lovely children,” Yoder says. Her children, named Evan and Kalvin, are 4 years old and 22 months old. Yoder spends most her time with her colleague, friends and of course her family. She enjoys bringing her children out for a walk at a park or cooking healthy organic food for them when she is not working.

In the store, workers and customers are like family talking randomly about their lives and their plans for the day.

“Hey, Nice to see you.”

“What are you up to today?”

“I am not sure. I am here to have some vegetables for tonight’s dinner”

The Sundance is not only a supermarket; it creates a social circle and becomes part of the community in the Amazon Neighborhood.

For instance, Yoder enjoys being part of that community. Once, a customer came to Yoder’s line and told her that there was a lost dog at the front of the store. Yoder ran out to see what happened, it turned out the lost dog was her dog. Yoder loves her career being involved with the community “Supporting something I believe, I feel good about it,” Yoder said.

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