Life where your every step is known


Should be we afraid of the lack of privacy? I guess that depends on what you have to hide. The digital world enables a technological savvy person to find out information about you. They can track your web use patterns and cell phones show your current location and where you have traveled.

From a marketing stand point the ability to trace peoples’ web habits is amazing. You kind find out someone’s interest and what information keeps there attention longer then others. By knowing how someone navigates through the web you can accurately target them. You can assure you are offering them the right service or product. You’ll even know what type of website to design.

Wither this a good thing or a bad thing depends on how you look at it. On the bright side you can be assured advertisements will be relevant to your lifestyle. This could even make your life easier. No longer would you be subjected to irrelevant advertising. The flipside is who has access to this information? Should anybody with the right technical skills be able to use the information? Is there a right and wrong way to use the information? Your right to privacy might be in jeopardy.

Being somewhat paranoid, I am terrified not being able to fly under the radar. As a journalist I plan to cover sensitive issues. Although my goal is to never have anyone come after me, they might. How do you avoid from being found? Is it possible now days to not be traced? Will we see the day when you can sit in our house and people watch in different cities?

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  1. davidmehr says:

    Good questions Blake. I don’t think I have much to hide, and I’m not to concerned about my privacy being invaded, but with increases in technology increasing the ways in which we are constantly connected I am worried about my sanity. When I was in highschool I refused to have a cellphone cause I didn’t want people to feel like they could get a hold of me whenever they wanted to. Eventually I let my parents get me a cell phone I kept in my car to use for emergency situations. While I had it I didn’t even know the number. Now I have a cellphone, email, facebook, twitter, publish2, wordpress, blackboard…(and they’re not all the same passwords or usernames because of identical names, password requirements, routine password changes, it all drives me crazy!)

    With all that connection comes a pressure to be wired in so you don’t miss anything. It makes me want to grab my sleeping bag, tent, and 10 essentials and head to some very remote area where my biggest concerns are large predators and severe sunburn. That’s much less scary to me.

    Sorry for the long vent, but I think you especially can appreciate it.

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