Want an “Oregonian” in Eugene? Wait Till Sunday…

I’d heard rumors a long time ago that The Oregonian was no longer selling newspapers in Eugene.  I didn’t really care at the time, because I’m not a huge reader of the Oregonian and when I do read it, it’s always online.  This week, however, was a different story.

I am currently taking ARTD 250 for my multimedia minor.  For our current project we are required to take an ad, like from a grocery store or clothing store, and recreate the exact layout in Indesign.  We then have to parody the items and take pictures of our own objects to “sell” in the advertisement.  I decided my best bet for some good advertisements was the Sunday Oregonian.

I made my way down to Safeway on 18th and was surprised when the racks only held a few copies of the most recent Register-Guard and some other paper.  I thought it was just a fluke so I charged on with my quest.  I then went to a nearby supermarket… no luck.  Finally, I decided to make my way to the Duck Store.  I figured of all places the bookstore would have a copy of the state’s largest paper.  Wrong.  I was flabbergasted.

I then remembered a row of newspaper boxes in front of the Glenwood.  AHA!  The Oregonian had a box for only their Sunday edition.  I pulled the ridiculous price of $2.00 in quarters from my purse, quarters put there just for this occasion, because really, who normally has $2.00 in quarters on them?  I put each quarter into the slot one by one.  I was so close to getting the object of my morning long quest.  After the eighth quarter fell through the slot I pulled back on the handle.  I could almost feel the thin inky paper between my fingers.  Until, what? The door is jammed! I preceded to pull and bang the box trying to get at my paper.  Then I tried to get my quarters back, but no luck.  Arrgghhh! “No wonder no one reads the print newspapers anymore!” I grumbled out loud.  So there I was, no paper and out $2.00 that could have bought me a coffee.

All drama aside, I think it is somewhat ridiculous that the Oregonian ended its delivery of newspapers, except for Sunday editions, to the Eugene area last December.  I understand that the price of delivery is expensive, but it seems odd that the second largest city in the state doesn’t receive the state’s newspaper.  Newspaper owners are complaining about the death of the printed paper, but how do they expect people to buy it if they don’t make it available?  I’m slightly outraged over this issue, especially because The Oregonian now has $2.00 of my hard earned change and I don’t have any ads to show for it.

This logo might seem to tie The Oregonian to Eugene, but not so…

About Madeline Dickerson

I am a recent graduate of the University of Oregon with Bachelor of Arts degrees in magazine journalism and cinema studies. I am currently interning at the "Chinook Observer" in Long Beach, Washington. I plan on pursuing a career in photojournalism and reporting.
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