Most diverse neighborhood?


The “Whit” as pastor Daniel said is its own unique community. It’s a neighborhood you take your out-of-town friends too. “Whiteaker is an idea. It has its own culture going on,” said recently settled down Jeremy Michael ‘John’ Mueller. Part of the Whiteaker is district is made up of starving artist. People show off their artistic talents in there front yards. Houses are oddly painted and randomly decorated.

Situated only a few bocks east of Blair Street on 4th Street is a house decked out with bikes. Wheels hang from the side of the house and bikes, which have been welded together sit in the front yard. Other houses have their front awnings painted shades of purple, yellow along with other colors. Murals can also be found on the sides of buildings.

The people who live in the Whit have an earthy mentality. Recycle and reuse. For some there is no need to go to a store. Boxes of stuff can be found in front yards. Tables, chairs, cloths, kitchenware, movies, tapes, and even old instruments are placed next to sidewalks. It’s uncommon to see flashy brand names as you walk around. Most people wear older raggedy cloths. However, the attire of some does not go unnoticed. Cloths are one-way people in the Whit express their personality.

To contrast the starving artists is the Latino population. Two Mexican supermarkets, Plaza Latino and Mi Tierra, exist within only two blocks of each other. These markets offer different items then a Safeway or Albertsons. Their cuts of meets are different and they carry some more traditional foods, which could not be found at an American supermarket. Plaza Latino also provides a service to wire money to Latin America. The majority of customers of the two supermarkets are native Spanish speakers.

The Whit is a diverse bubble. One might argue that is the most diverse part of Eugene. Residents are from all over.

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