Amazon Neighborhood Interesting Statistics

As I have gotten to know the Amazon Neighborhood community, I have found that they are a section of Eugene that is proactive and far away enough from campus to really have a sense of their own identity as a neighborhood. It is a quiet, young community, but not as many students live there as you would think. It’s more married couples with out children. I stumbled across some interesting statistics off of about the Amazon Neighborhood compared to Eugene.

I have already found out that this neighborhood is all about sustainable living. The Amazon Neighborhood has an average of 1.8 cars per household. A pie chart shows that most people have a car, but the biggest alternative form of transportation is by bike. Most residents try to bike, walk, or take the bus as much as possible.

There are 8.2 percent more homeowners than renters in the neighborhood. Also, the average age of this neighborhood is 31.4 years for males and 36 years for women. These are more signs that this neighborhood is not just filled with students, but families and single adults as well.

21 percent of the males and 18.9 percent of the females work in either education, training, or library occupations. 18.9 percent of children over 5 years of age are in K-12 schools. 29.1 percent of children over 5 years of age are graduate and undergraduate students in college. There is a surprisingly balanced ratio of children, teens, and college students for Eugene being a main college town for the state of Oregon.

There is an average of 2.7 people per family in the neighborhood. 26.6 percent of the people in the neighborhood are below the poverty level compared to the 17.1 percent in the whole city of Eugene. 69.4 percent of the married-couples both work in their households.

All of these facts are to prove that the Amazon Neighborhood is not just a collegiate community that serves to students, but in fact has families and couples that are homeowners. Eugene is not one of the “better off” communities, but the Amazon Neighborhood is not the worst off neighborhood in Eugene due to the number of homeowners. But, there are 1,924 people who live in the Amazon Neighborhood as of the year 2007, and 511.784 of those people are below the poverty level. These numbers are fairly high for a small community.

I think that these facts are very interesting to understanding the dynamics of the residents. It’s a young community, but still contains a fair amount of children, teens, and families. Statistics show a lot about a community as a whole instead of specifically getting to know a few of the residents by interviewing them.

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1 Response to Amazon Neighborhood Interesting Statistics

  1. Suzi Steffen says:

    Grace, GREAT INFO. I had no idea about the poverty level in Amazon! And good for you for finding that resource and getting it out there for your peers to use as well!

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