Credibility in the Viewers Eye

A recent AP article showed a deepening issue on the relevance of credibility within the online world of journalism.  I find it interesting that the public finds straight news more credible but wants more interaction with their news–like the use of comments, which they claim takes away from the news sources credibility.  Obviously in an industry that has changed drastically, in what seems like an everyday ordeal of such, the need to reestablish the ethical guidelines and priorities is needed; however, even more important is maintaining the atmosphere of credibility because without it how useful is a journalist?  The idea was previously talked about in an online meeting called “Extra! Extra! Tweet All About It!” In the meeting among many journalists, the perception of a credentialed journalist versus that of a citizen journalist was a big place of conversation.  As many aspiring journalists, including myself at this meeting, we are still students and the idea of not needing to go to school to be able to be a competitive journalist is stomach wrenching to say the least.  I believe as a student I am being introduced to the turning of technology as it turns instead of three steps behind.  I also believe the ethical intuitions taught at the collegiate level institutions is an important step to take as a journalist.  If you are engrained with the proper ethical base to write stories and gather information, then the world of being a journalist is well structured platform to work from on any technological level. However, if no education is obtained by first hand knowledge from the journalists who have been in the field (the professors) then we are not given a very ethical tool set and in my opinion should be viewed as less credible.  Yet, no credentials are given to press members; thus, anyone can claim they are a journalist whether it is professional or citizen, which makes staying credible to an audience harder and harder–especially with the growth of citizen journalism with the online world of blogging.  I hope a continual process of effort to keep credibility is given by current and upcoming journalists who are looking at the future of an evolving news room motif.  I hope everyone takes the time to read the article above and think about what it means to be a credible journalist as a professional and as a reader who is looking in.

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1 Response to Credibility in the Viewers Eye

  1. megank1 says:

    I have definitely seen that as journalism is changing, people are becoming more and more skeptical of the credibility of the new news formats. I agree also that as a student in the Journalism major, it is frustrating to hear that in the end a major or degree may not even be beneficial in obtaining a job in journalism.

    I think that you are right that the strongest counterargument to that is the fact that within Journalism classes, we are adapting to new technologies as they are coming out rather than having to learn it all once we get jobs.

    Given time, I think that new media will start to become more trusted as clearer guidelines are put in place for journalists and people start to know what to look for in online news.

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