Amazon Neighborhood is healthy and proactive

The Amazon Neighborhood in Eugene is all about sustainability, says Neighborhood Association co-chair Randy Prince.
Stretching from 24th to 30th street, the Amazon Neighborhood is proactive about little use of cars, more use of bikes, and growing their own gardens and produce.
Connie Johnston was the head of the “bike tours” given in Amazon Neighborhood last year. On the bike tours neighbors and the surrounding community are invited to ride their bikes around the neighborhood and stop at different houses that grow their own produce and to learn about sustainable living, Prince says.
Not only do many households grow their own produce, but also there are convenient, independent stores such as Sundance Natural Foods that promotes and gives back to the local neighborhood and Eugene community. Sundance also advances the idea of sustainable living, Prince says.
This neighborhood is the home of the Amazon Park and Amazon Community Center, where neighbors and the surrounding community are encouraged to exercise regularly and use the parks and recreation services that Eugene has to offer. Eugene provides different running trails in the Amazon Neighborhood.
“Alder Street is a ‘bike boulevard’ kind of like the ones in Portland,” Prince says. “Alder has little car-traffic so that bikers can safely ride through Eugene to campus.”
Once a month, the Neighborhood Association holds general meetings at the neighborhood’s Camus Ridge Community School for Amazon neighbors. “Communication is key to this neighborhood,” Prince says. The meetings are open to the public and attract anywhere from 20 to 100 people out of a total of 800 households, Prince says.
The Amazon Neighborhood is trying to organize another bike tour and is pushing for changes such as less traffic to make biking safe in the community.
The Neighborhood Association is currently having issues with the new Civic Stadium for UO Baseball being built a couple blocks away from the boundaries of the Amazon area. The Neighborhood Association has brought up issues of too much car-traffic and noise in the past months, Prince says.
The next general meeting for the Amazon Neighborhood will be held on November 18th, 7 p.m., at the Camas Ridge Community School right across the street from Temple Beth Israel on 29th street.

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