Ties to society

Lets talk about the power of released information. The Internet allows us to access an array of information. Rumors and falsehoods spread quickly. As more people in condensed areas obtain smart phones the faster information will spread. Internet access points are continuously growing. More and more are becoming available throughout affluent communities. While poor economic classes can still access the Internet, it is not at the same level. Connection speeds are faster and smartphones are more common among middle and upper class citizens.

Being able to access the Internet at all seconds of the day changes the way you carry out your daily routine. Being connected to the cyber world changes expectations. Replies are prompted to me more timely, along with the awareness of current events. At what time is it all right to sign off the Internet? Do we have to answer phone calls at all hours of the day?

The difference between smartphones and cell phones is simple. Cell phones only receive information. While smartphones force users to look for information. The idea of never being able to escape your cell phone is bad. You need to be able to escape from society every once in awhile. Life with out a phone is drastically different. Do you remember when pagers where a common thing? They where one of the first devices that allowed people to be tracked down when they where not in a constant location. Pagers allowed employers to contact employees outside their home and office. In one since it gave us more freedom. Cell phones allow us to leave the house or office to run errands and still be contacted. The necessity of sitting around your office to wait for a phone call has been eliminated.

Internet gives us even more mobility. Thanks to the Internet we can conduct business with people in different states and countries. We are even entering a time period where we can have face-to-face conversations with the aid of the computer screen. Personal interaction is a very important part of society. Chats and social networks inhibit personal interaction while increasing the array of people, whom you are in contact with. How do you feel about never being able to escape your close ties to the Internet? How up-to-date about information are we expected to be? Is talking about the most current post more important then talking about the most credible source?



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