The Whit has an Interesting Energy.

It’s a place where haggard whites and Mexicans mix. The most interesting occurrence I saw was the interactions between a few high school boys. They were about 15. Two Hispanic looking kids and a home breed Oregonian. There interactions where interesting. The Yankee (Yankee is term used in Argentina to label North Americans. Whether it’s negative or positive depends on the usage and tone of voice. Gringo is used in Chile to represent anybody who is not from Chile. I believe gringo to have a negative connotation in Mexico.) of the group appeared to be a little uncomfortable. He was a little out of his elements. The two employees, the couple sitting across from them and his two friends spoke Spanish. The Yankee was the only one that entered the establishment who did not eat. Why he did not eat was unclear. He might not of had money. Which is somewhat doubtful since tacos where only a dollar and I saw some change in his hand. However, he might not have had enough. My other speculation is that he was intimidated about being the only non-Spanish speaker in the restaurant and embarrassed to order in English to kid who was a year or two younger. As I spend time in the whit I look forward to observing the interaction between Hispanics and whites. Do they interact? Do other white people speak Spanish? At what level is the English of the Hispanic community? What percent of people who shop or eat at the Mexican establishments live in the area? Child labor. How do you feel about it? I grew up working for my mom. At age 12 I was filling up chafers and running food. I think it is healthy for kids to learn how to work. Of course there are many sides to child labor. I am strongly opposed to seeing Argentinean kids trying to scavenge for food and money at one or two in the morning on a school night. Child labor is tricky. There are times when kids need to work to help support there family. Is that good or bad? While working in the Whit I hope to find out if families are dependent of having their children work.

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