My hour at Sweet Life (my group members already snatched the clever puns)

The aroma of Sweet Life upon coming through the door is like a very pleasant freight train, after experiencing the rain and chill outside. The smell of Coffee is the most prevalent but mixes with that of tea and various baked goods. Aretha Franklin blares over the radio drowning out most other noises except several conversations from customers that rise above the din of the music. Cookies, Cakes, Brownies, and other desserts of all kind look out from their glass cases, and signs with names like “Orange Chocolate Orgasm” and “Double Chocolate chip cream cheese brownie” make the sweets nearly impossible to resist. Smiling baristas hover patiently by the dessert case, waiting for a number of unsure customers to decide on their order. Bright neon red signs reading “order here” and “pay here” hang above the counters, hardly making it difficult to know where to go.
The narrow hall where the desserts are located opens up into a number of small tables and counter seating with a variety of people scattered throughout. Two college age girls sit against the wall, one with long bright red hair the other short jet black hair, deep in conversation about upcoming midterms, and their voices continually rising in an attempted to be heard above the music, which is now playing a quite loud and fast paced techno song. A small puff of steam rises from a teapot sitting at their table and the only gaps their now very excited conversation is when the occasionally pause to take a sip from the beautifully designed tea mugs. Behind them another college age girl sits on a barstool, silently bobbing her head in rhythm to the music on her earphones. She rarely looks up from her homework, only when she seems to notice something outside the window placed directly in front of her. One other girl sits alone at a larger table in the middle of the room; almost nothing happening distracts her from her studying. Two older women occupying a table next to her are the only other people in the shop, their faces strained in some serious conversation and the lean across the table close to each other so they can hear each other over the now acoustic music without having to shout.
A man large man is a scraggly grey beard bursts into Sweet Life with such a determined look on his face it appears he might die if he doesn’t get a key lime tart or frosted pumpkin cookie soon. He closely resembles Santa Claus but wears a maroon beanie with numerous designs on it over his grey head. He ignores the sweets and instead rushes by the tables and into a narrow hall leading to the bathroom. Meanwhile another older man with short grey hair, neatly trimmed beard and black turtleneck sweater casually enters and also ignores the counter. Instead he answers his phone and spends about 10 minutes pacing around the tables, ignoring everything but the person on the other line. It isn’t till he hangs up his phone that he slowly makes his way over to the counter. He immediately makes his order and takes it to go. Meanwhile the large Santa Clause looking man returns from the restroom and makes his way out in a much less hasty fashion. Fewer people enter to order, the only customer a shaggy haired college age boy who stood by the counter flirting shamelessly with one of the baristas underneath the “pay here” sign. Another younger man dressed like a mix between a cowboy and a clown enters and by passes the array of sweets. Instead he moves to sit down with the girl studying at the middle table and pulls out a notebook to join her. He stays for 20 minutes before standing up and loudly declaring to his companion “Well I’m going to go slit my wrists now, I’ll call you later tonight” and leaving in a hurry.
The older women depart, still locked in their conversation and both girls studying soon follows. Only the two girls sitting against the wall remain, their conversation long turned from school to gossip and tea long finished.

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