The Whiteaker district.

It’s a different part of town then the rest of Eugene. Sure there might be other neighborhoods that incorporate some of the same aspects. The houses are distinct. Not for the architecture, but for the front yards and color schemes. Leaf covered sidewalks blend in with the overgrown and untouched yards. The tap of high heels might be heard at night, but doubtful. Brand names are seldom flaunted among pedestrians. It appears that the idea of a starving artist is strived for.

Walking around the neighborhood was comfortable. There was no need to feel on edge or prepare yourself to run. Sure, there might be a few people with crazy eyes, but unless you invoke them they will let you continue on your way. Without a doubt there is crime. People fight and even die. People from the hills might talk badly about the Whit and be scared to frequent it. However, it seems to be place of with some good people. The Whit’s reputation should not be based on the junkies who wonder.

At least a few people are fond of the neighborhood. Within the past few years there have been multiple businesses that have opened their doors. After talking to a few people it seems the Whit is trying to clean up its act. The people we encountered were friendly and willing to talk. The old timers mentioned the progression from where the neighborhood was ten years ago. People from all over Eugene take advantage of the amenities of the Whit.

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