The State of Journalism

It’s an exciting time to be a journalist. The industry is undergoing major changes. Working professionals are being forced to learn new things. Experience aside, students are at competitive level to working professionals. Without a doubt, journalists who have been in the field for years have invaluable experience, which you cannot be taught in school. The flip side is that they have to learn to adapt to the technological curve. They must relearn how a newsroom works. Writing styles are being developed for the generations of short attention spans. Multimedia pieces are becoming the preferred way to view information. The AIM generation wants their information quickly with more sensory sensations. There are many challenges for journalism. How do we as journalist overcome the abundance of information available on the Internet? We will need to learn a way help our society inform themselves. There is a lot of faulty information on the Internet. As journalist it will become our jobs to help sift through the junk posted on the Internet. Another struggle for the future is how to tame down celebrity life. There is no reason a 6 o’clock news station should ever mention anything about a celebrity. Yes celebrities are part of society, but they distract people. They prevent people from knowing about their neighbors and the problems within there community. Conversations are mindless and meaningless. Instead of using their intellect they talk about prescribed information. An informed populace might be looked at as dangerous to a government. Dangerous or not it should be what new journalists strive for. There is no reason a society that has more information then is digestible at there finger tips should be ignorant. What has happen to our society? Why are smart kids forced to play dumb? Why is it that high schools don’t teach recent history? The end of World War II and the Cold War had a significant impact on the world. You can’t know what direction health care should go if you are unaware of how health care systems work in other countries. The world is interconnected. Countries rely on one another. New journalist must strive to inform people of their surroundings and the broader works of the world. Side note: Why are journalism majors at the UO limited to how many political science and history courses they take? Shouldn’t a journalist also be a history major.

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