Welcome to the Whiteaker

Just northwest of downtown Eugene, sandwiched between Seventh Ave. and the Willamette River lies the (in)famous Whiteaker neighborhood. Named after Oregon’s first Governor, John Whiteaker, it is best known by some for its history of environmental activism. But beyond the surface lies what can only be described as a community all its own.

The remaining fluorescent-orange leaves of the many trees shade the streets, and the houses take on strange psychedelic color schemes in this remarkably quiet neighborhood. Despite the peaceful residential areas, it also boasts an eclectic range of top-notch local businesses. Within a few blocks, one can find the Wandering Goat Coffee Company, Ninkasi Brewery, Pizza Research Institute, Sam Bond’s Garage, and the World Café, to name a few; all of which are easily accessible by foot, car or bike. It is also the home of the Center for Appropriate Transport, a bike-centric non-profit community center.

For those who prefer their entertainment outdoors (when the weather permits), there is the Owen Memorial Rose Garden, as well as multiple other parks and a multi-purpose trail, which runs along with Willamette River. The friendly residents seem eager to stop and say what’s on their mind, which will be helpful in finding out what’s going on behind the scenes in this neighborhood.

About benmaras

For three years I was a writer, page designer, and editor for the Clackamas Community College newspaper, The Clackamas Print, as Editor-in-Chief, Commentary Editor, and News Editor. I also wrote for the Oregon Commentator, out of the University of Oregon.
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