Television icon Ellen DeGeneres pays visit to UO…almost

By Alayna Shulman

Hordes of University of Oregon students gathered around the EMU drew stares from unsuspecting passers-by this afternoon, nearly all of whom joined in on the madness once they found out – Ellen was here.

“I’m going to get her autograph!” one student exclaimed, flanked by eager classmates armed with laptops hoping to find any last-minute updates on the television star’s impending visit. Some students claimed to have heard about her alleged appearance via an ASUO blog, while others simply followed DeGeneres’ Twitter page already. So, what led these dozens of students to believe she would actually be visiting Eugene in person?

The irrepressibly popular talk-show host and newest American Idol judge sent students campus-wide into a flurry after issuing a posting on Twitter directed at the U of O, leading many to believe she would be visiting campus herself as part of a special segment on her show. Well, that’s the half truth.

In reality, DeGeneres did have camerapersons and staff at the U of O to tape a special feature she has been filming on college campuses nation-wide. But much to the dismay of legions of Eugene-area fans, she did not make an appearance herself. Of course, not being one known to disappoint her loyal followers, DeGeneres did appear via a live feed in order to speak to students, which sent the crowd into an uproar almost as raucous as an actual visit would warrant.

So, even though DeGeneres is keeping warm in sunny LA, her virtual visit to the U of O was clearly appreciated. As UO Junior Jeremy Cabalona put it, “Everyone’s got Ellen fever!” And you thought Eugene was only home to hay fever…

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