One Student’s Experience with the Ellen Show

by Nobuhiro Tsuji (I write what I saw today and what I thought)

I am a Japanese who do not watch TV at all, so I didn’t know who is Ellen. I thought if I find Ellen, I do not realize. I knew how famous she is among people today. There were TV crews in front of EMU who were surrounded by many students, and many people came to crowd and asked “what’s going on here?” and someone answered “Ellen will show at UO.” I saw that many people got excited and jumped into crowd. Then, people moved to slope at EMU. When TV crew said something half of student rushed into EMU and came back with soapbar. American people are so energetic!!
I found that corwd has men and women. This is I cannot see in my home country Japan. Most Japanese men don’t have interest in celebrities. They won’t wait outside to see someone famous.

Ellen didn’t show at UO. I heard she was in L.A. But, it was new and interesting experience for me. I felt cultural differences and knew Ellen who is famous TV hostess. I will check out “The Ellen Show”. But I don’t know when is it and which channel…

About nobuhiro11

I'm a Japanese man who studying Advertising at University of Oregon.
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