West University Neighborhood

Today I spent the morning walking around the majority of the West University Neighborhood to take the atmosphere and the buildings in the area. My roommates joined me for the breakfast at Brails, one of the most popular breakfast restaurants for college students. There were about 15 college students waiting in line in the brisk, late morning air, but the coolness of the Oregon weather did not seem to deter their happiness. While most of the students relived their experiences from the night before, many students sat on the concrete ledge still appearing to be half asleep or suffering from extreme hangovers. As soon as we were seated inside the restaurant, Joy, the owner of the restaurant greeted us with an overenthusiastic smile and in broken English said, “Good morning! You enjoy you meal!” The restaurant seemed to be filled with her energy: all the waiters and waitresses rushed from table to table, students’ laughter sounded from every table and the baby seated at the table next to us with her family smiled constantly.

After Brails, we walked towards campus to try to readjust ourselves to the cool and cloudy weather. We were passed continuously by bikers enjoying a bike ride to various destinations, all unknown to us. Some of the riders seemed to be taking an easy ride down the flat streets, others seemed angry and in a hurry to be somewhere and yet others appeared to be training as they were dressed in biking attired and on racing bikes.

We reached High Priestess tattoo and piercing parlor where the porch was filled with workers and their friends having a cigarette, apparently on a break. They yelled hell at us and we crossed the street to look inside the shop. The workers on the porch, two men who’s exposed skin was covered with tattoos or piercings, cracked jokes at us and a pretended if we decided to be pierced or tattooed that they would give us a great deal. Business must have been slow this morning. The shop was peaceful for the most part, though the waiting room did not seem to fit the rest of the shop however. The majority of the shop as pictures of pierced or tattooed people while the waiting room looks like it had recently undergone feug shui. The glass counters held different studs and rings for piercing.

All Photos By Kate Loftesness

All Photos By Kate Loftesness

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I am a journalism student at the University of Oregon and I am attempting to blog for my Reporting 1 class
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