Ring of Fire

I have to say, out of all the places our group has been within JWN (Victoria couldn’t make it), I enjoyed the restaurant Ring of Fire the best. Even though pricy, the food was really good. And to be quite sincere, walking into the place was a pleasant surprise. My expectations were held at a lower level (better version of Taco Bell), number 1, and number 2, the anticipation of seeing the inside of this place was prolonged due to me and Steven’s inability to find the entrance—it took us maroons three times to even step foot into the joint. The service was phenomenal. The host actually seemed like he was interested in our daily affairs. “How has your Monday been?” Steven and I sat idle trying to figure out what to say. I said, “Stressful.” The host seemed empathetic… Steven looked like he was gonna laugh… I never did understand why.

I might even have to go as far as saying that it was fancy. I mean, the forks had three prongs—don’t those only exist in fancy restaurants?? And the cloth napkins were presented in such an eloquent fashion that I decided to take the opportunity to be Pope Brandi I. (I swear, they got their folding techniques from the Catholic faith—the shape is too similar to the pope’s headdress.) In any case, the place was clean, rather full with what-seemed-to-be satisfied customers and buzzing around with a motivated staff.

Looking through the menu was a trip too! The prices were high, especially after having considered the place a step up from Taco Bell (never judge a book by its cover). We ended up paying $31.00 between the both of us, but it was worth it. A plate of sweet and sour sautéed chicken and a plate of orange fried chicken filled us up to the brim; not to mention the white, sticky rice. And we were lucky enough to have taken boxes!

So, in conclusion, if you ever end up in JWN, definitely stop by Ring of Fire; it’s worth it.

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