Problems in da ‘hood…

Ok, our group has discovered problems in da ‘hood… but that’s ok, we shall recover! Eugene’s bus station, the Eugene Public Library, Paradise City Café, and the Kitsch Local Vintage Resale are NOT in our neighborhood. We got a little excited and walked about four blocks past our boundary. In any case, we shouldn’t waste a good documentation, so here is a description of our journey outside of our designated area:

It’s an obvious that downtown has a lot to offer, but I was taken aback when we happened upon a little treasure—Paradise City Café. It’s got this charming, tropical feel to it. The walls are aqua-marine green and each table has a hoola-girl lamp. The moment you walk in, you feel like you’ve stepped into Hawaii. This feeling is most certainly emphasized once you’ve taken a hefty look at the huge fish tank placed at the back of the café. Talk about cool! Not only was the place great, but the food was too. Victoria had a salad, while Steven and I had a “tropical” sandwich.



So, full and satisfied, off we went to check out some alternative boutiques located near Eugene’s bus station. We stopped in a place called Kitsch Local Vintage Resale, which was quite the second-hand store. I felt like we had walked right into the 80’s. Talk about an experience! Colors! They were everywhere! There was hot pink, hot yellow, hot orange, hot green… a lot of hot. I also remember seeing checkered patterns and then this French-cut one-piece swim-suit.




We then left to go to a more conservative place—the Eugene Public Library. I remember cleanliness (the floors were shiny), and access to a lot of magazines and books (what a surprise!). And finally, we ended where we started from—JWN… back in da ‘hood.



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