Eugene: JWN Weed(s) and Sweet Stuff!

Steven Vail, Victoria Davila and I (Brandi Liggett) enjoyed a Thursday afternoon (04/23/09) driving/walking around the Jefferson Westside Neighborhood here in Eugene! According to the neighborhood’s Web site,, JWN is the “City-chartered neighborhood for the area roughly between W. 7th and 18th Avenues and between Chambers Street and Lawrence/Willamette Streets.” It’s a quaint area that offers its community plenty of things to see and do.

To start our journey, we three musketeers decided to get a feel for the area on wheels—that is in a nice, warm, comfortable car (it was a bit chilly out, despite the sun). We drove for about a half-an-hour discovering tons of living possibilities. There were an array of decent homes and apartments. Some looked quite proper and others looked a bit “hippie”- you know, living room furniture chillin’ out on the lawn or on the deck—but that’s Eugene for ya. So, in essence, you could say the “living quarters” were divided into two categories—“hippie” and “middle class conservative.” These categories were distinguished just by one look at the lawns. They were either pretty well-manicured (“middle-class conservative”) or could be considered the “let-it-grow/we love nature and weeds/we don’t believe in lawn-mowers” type lawns. Victoria and Steven called these homes “homey.” I called the people who owned them “lazy.”


After a fantastic drive, we decided to take a nice walk. Totally fun! We saw some beautiful avenues covered in large oaks, kids on skateboards, an “Indiana Jones” type scooter (you know, the one with the extra seat attached—the one that Sean Connery sat in), some passers-by, and lots of different places for food indulgence. We ended up in downtown (out of our area, but still conveniently close) and ate in a nice little restaurant called Paradise City Café. (See second blog for more details about our downtown adventure.)




Finally, our sweet teeth were calling to us, so we answered by going to Sweet Life—our final destination. I had never been and Steven and Victoria had raved about the patisserie. They were right in their positive declarations about the place. I had one of the best carrot cakes ever! Steven had a chocolate cake and Victoria had a chocolate mousse. Yummy! It was a great end to a great afternoon! Not only that, but the bathroom key made my day—who the heck thought of attaching a whisk to a small bathroom key?? Good idea, I’d never want to steal it.










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