Wandering Coffee (and beer) Drinkers

By Michaela Gilmer


Photo by Michaela Gilmer


EUGENE, Ore.-As you enter the shop, it is difficult to miss the abstract art that fills the olive green walls as the smell of fresh coffee and sounds of glass cups clinking together fill the air. The lighting in the room is dim but the overcast, grey skies outside give the room more light. To the left, a young woman with short blonde curly hair tied up in a ponytail walks holding a butter knife to a small table for two. She sits down on a similar black wooden chair, takes a sip from a white, medium sized cup and slowly uses the butter to knife to spread a yellow paste on to her seeded vegan bagel.

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“Eat Pizza Everyday”


The bar is fully stocked, but does not distract from the family atmosphere in the restaurant.

The bar is fully stocked, but does not distract from the family atmosphere in the restaurant.

Photo & Text: Katie Rosenblad

EUGENE, Ore.  Just after the lunch rush at 1:28 p.m. you can smell the fresh and warm aroma of pizza and its cheese simmering in the oven as you pass outside on the corner of Broadway and Willamette. It calls to you. It drags you in.

The menu is the first thing to greet you as you walk through the entrance. Not only does it contain pizza, but there are calzones  and salads with gluten free, vegan, and vegetarian options. The choice to buy pizza by the slice is apparent by its presentation in a large display case to the left of the cashier. The slices are large and thin with a variety of pizza topping combinations to choose from. Continue reading

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Music Fills The Walls

By Matt Scotton

EUGENE, Ore. — Pull up into the parking lot and hope that you can find a spot. No one seems to have a problem finding one, but three parking spots does not seem like enough. The yellow paint of the exterior mixed with its blue trim can catch even the most obvious person’s attention. The fact that giant windows line the the font of the building gives you a sneak peak at all of the treasures that could bring music to anyone’s ears.

boom-ba-duh-boom-boom-ba-duh echos throughout the room as you walk into the building. A man completely consumed by his music sits there with his eyes closed. His beard is trimmed close and hangs onto his face for dear life. After the music fades, a childlike smile fills his face from ear-to-ear. Continue reading

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An Eclectic Bakery Exudes Character

By: Rachel Ibanez

Walking into the small coffee and bakery shop, the sound of Italian style music and the hum of a refrigerator fills the room. There is a line that spans the entire length of the refrigerated display that holds a plethora of colorfully decorated desserts. The long line of excited and smiling customers can choose from any sweet treat that the mind can think of; everything from cookies and creme brulee to cake, pie and cupcakes. The subtle smell of coffee and the loud grunt of an espresso machine encourages patrons to pair a wide mug of coffee with their confection of choice.

A group of four college-aged friends walks in at 8 p.m. They do not stop smiling, laughing or chatting for the entirety of their visit to the well-known bakery. They choose which table to sit at among the other customers ranging from quiet couples, a mother and daughter, and small families. The group of friends tells stories of their weekend while they wait for their treats to be ready. “Three creme brulees!” one of the middle aged female employees yells out cheerfully. The 20-something year-old woman excitedly jumps up from her table and grabs ahold of her dessert. Each friend has their own dessert and they stick their forks into each other’s treats. “Let me try yours,” one friend says, as the other attempts to block their fork from stealing a bite of their delectable key lime pie.

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It’s All in the Sauce

Whiteaker Rusted Car Body

Whiteaker Rusted Car Body

Image and text by: Arturo “Tito” Onesto

Walking in, there are many things that awaken the senses quickly, the first being the sweet smell of barbecue in the air, the second being the sounds of horns and drums in the soulful music playing throughout the restaurant and lastly the amount of people enjoying a meal whether it’s a family, co-workers or a bunch of friends catching up over an authentic southern meal.

I sat by myself in a corner of the restaurant the perfect place to people watch and enjoy my meal, which consisted of a pulled pork sandwich, mashed potatoes and a tall glass of grape Kool-Aid. The restaurant walls are covered with pictures of great African-Americans from the past, figures such as Martin Luther King Jr., Al Green, and T-Bone Walker accompany me in my people watching. Continue reading

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A Slice of Life

By: Bryan Cargill

Upon encountering the cozy wooden alcove to purchase a mini, small, medium, or large pizza, the smell of breads and cheeses wafts throughout the room. Infatuating a moment of desire; one can only succumb to carefree indulgence.

Moving across the dining area lined with crooked rows of sticky glossed tables, brown plastic napkin holders beg for attention with their haphazard advertisements.


A Sticky Glossy Table

It does not take long after sitting on the cushion-free chairs for a two-foot tall child to come racing in from the playground room. A hand clutches his eye and he begins describing an injury that he has acquired from another child while in the playroom.

Quickly, an energized group of two footers come on the scene. The parents, or “judges,” settle the dispute of who hit whom. However, the dispute is shortly forgotten as their thoughts shift to consumption of calorie rich, endorphin filled pizza.

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The Curtained Doorway

By Travis Loose

The air smells sweet and slightly perfumed.

Red lights illuminate the areas that aren’t already glowing from the black lights.

The music vibrates the floor, the walls, the chairs, the stage — spotlights of varying colors swirl around the large room in dizzying circles.

The reflection in the mirrors that line the walls on the South side of the room wiggle with every deep bass thump of the subwoofer.

The vibrating reflections display the backs of the men who are lined up along the bar top on the North side of the room.

Most of them are wearing flat-billed baseball caps and baggy clothing.

Spaced out intermittently among them are women — scantily clad women who are wearing only lingerie and glitter. Continue reading

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Trainsong Sights, Sounds, and Smells

A full train with logs in tow in the Trainsong neighborhood.

A full train with logs in tow in the Trainsong neighborhood.

BY Devin Ream

The rumbling of trains passing with a full load of logs brings the wind to quiet hush compared to its massive movement across the rails in Trainsong.  After the trains passing the wind is still at a quiet hum among the many bushes and trees that are around the landscape.  The wind picks up as the rain does and it starts to come down a little quicker but with the same size of rain that is scattering and patting the sidewalk and paths near the surrounding area.

While sitting outside, car doors slam shut and a silver Subaru pulls out of the driveway across the street and heads to that persons next adventure on this gray and rainy day.

Wet mulch that is filling the air with it's scent.

Wet mulch that is filling the air with its scent.

The wind begins to pick up again and the smells in the area start to kick up, filled with wet mulch and the smell of rain that slowly drifts through the air.

Two girls notice the rain and mention how when walking along this path it is “annoying” that it only rains as they are going home and not during the day when they aren’t outside.  The water begins to clank against metal and chains and the rain picks up even more.

In the distance there is smoke coming off of a warehouse connected to three others

In the distance, there is smoke coming from a rooftop, white and puffy, but with no distinctive smell.

In the distance, there is smoke coming from a rooftop, white and puffy, but with no distinctive smell.

just like it.  The only difference?  This one has smoke coming off of it, and it is white smoke like a small factory, or the new Pope being elected.  Across the train tracks that head towards the warehouse sit an entire row of big black freight cars along the tracks on the other side of the empty tracks that saw the logs go across earlier.

This neighborhood not only has train noise, but also the noise coming off of 99 highway.  The cars moving across the wet pavement and hearing the splash of the tires as the tread digs into the road.  The sound echoes past and more children are coming home from what seems to be school, indicated by the backpacks that are shuffling behind them.  One child jerks their head up as they hear the train horns blare through the air to indicate a train is coming through.

Dogs without their owners home begin to bark as they see the children when they walk down the sidewalk.  A mother and her son begin to walk down the path towards the smoking white warehouse and wind trails begin to form in the grass towards the north and it looks like small green waves washing over the ground between the street and the path.

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Slice It

By: Alex Altman

     A slice of downtown Eugene can come in the shape of a pizza. On a typical spring day in Eugene, a mix of rain and sunshine covered the downtown Eugene sidewalk. With few people outside in the wet downpour, many sought shelter inside the pizza parlor to enjoy a warm slice and maybe even a brew. Inside the establishment, customers seemed to be content with the warm and somewhat cozy environment where customers could relax and unwind. It was a slow day for the business as about 10 or so customers were inside eating or awaiting their food. Most of the customers were with friends chatting away, those who were dining alone were often on their laptops diligently working the evening away.

     Many sounds emitted from the restaurant. The constant hum of the soda machine was running but it was constantly cut in by the cashier yelling, “Number 95! Your order is ready!”. The woman working the cashier was a rather talkative brunette woman in her mid-30′s. She continued to gossip with her coworker about her friends as 1950′s rock n’ roll music echoed throughout the business. It had a real half restaurant half bar vibe as the cold and creamy Rainier on draft was an affordable $3. The tables had a wooden design with a smooth finish for an intricate, yet smooth eating surface. Some might call this a ‘hipster environment’.

Image     At 3:04 pm two women and a man sat down. The first woman had vibrant green hair and a denim jacket for a ‘punk’ vibe. She had short hair and seemed to be in a relationship with the man she was with. He had a closely trimmed beard with a red sweater and black skinny jeans. The other female seemed to be a friend of theirs as she had short brown hair as tattoo’s and piercings covered her body. They discussed various films such as Harry Potter and Alfred Hitchcock films such as Psycho and The Birds, “You have to at least watch one Alfred Hitchcock film,” the man says, “He’s my favorite director and one of the all-time greatest.” The brunette woman was staring at her phone and didn’t seem too intrigued.

     At 3:11 pm, and after a lot of silence between the three of them, their food finally arrived. As they ate their pizza they discussed other foods at other restaurants, such as Taco Bell, and shared their opinions with each other. Throughout their conversations, they would randomly yell out “You’re a blizzard Harry!” as they all found it to be funny. They continued to speak quietly to each other until 3:20 pm when the man suggested “Do you guys want to hit up the smokeshop?”. They all seemed interested and cleaned up their food to leave.

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Observing with Tea


By: Michelle Miley

Within just a short 30 minutes, this cozy home to hundreds of loose-leaf teas is now bustling with an array of people. Citizen Cope plays on shuffle in the background and that cute old lady duo is still here laughing about past times. One can barely yell, “That’s exactly it!” as she is cracking up in a very distinct, harsh laugh. She stands out with her quirky outfit that consists of a grey wool sweater with a hot pink turtle neck peaking out from underneath and red glasses. On the other side of these women sitting beneath hanging plants and antique lamps are a young couple absorbed in their work. They are quite a different pair than the nonstop talking older women. This couple is fixated directly next to a group of large windows with their laptops and iPads out, not even speaking to one another. What a generation difference.

No matter what place you enter in Downtown Eugene their will always be a cast of characters. From the moment you enter this particular door and walk up the black ramp to the smell of tea and pastries, you never know what you’re going to get. Business men, college students, local hippies, amongst others, can all be found within this quaint house of tea.

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